Vocations Resources

Erie Vocations – This site is dedicated to helping members of the Diocese of Erie in their journey of discernment and also connects you to St. Mark Seminary and the Diocese of Erie Office of Vocations, under the guidance of Fr. Mike Polinek. Lots of great resources and information!

Vocations.com – This is one of the most comprehensive websites on vocations and includes information for those discerning, information for parents of young men and women who are considering the priesthood, diaconate, or consecrated life, lists of vocations and discernment events, videos, podcasts, articles, and much more.

Vianney Vocations is dedicated to promoting the priesthood of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to help you create a culture of vocations and inspire more men to apply to seminary.

Lifeteen Vocations Archives – Lifeteen has a wealth of articles that are very timely and relevant to the young church who are discerning.