Protecting our Youth

Every person who has access to our youth, working on behalf of a Catholic school, parish, diocesan group, or Catholic sponsored scout troop must be cleared and have gone through child protection training.

Erie Diocesan Policy for the Protection of Children

The guidelines are for any adult in the parish (18 and over) who has contact with children is as follows:

A.) Employees or Volunteers for who receive a paycheck:

B.) Volunteers who lived in the state of PA for 10 continuous years and who do not receive a paycheck: C.) Volunteers who lived outside the state of PA at any time in the last 10 years and who do not receive a paycheck:

All clearances must be renewed every 36 months for both paid employees and for volunteers.

Also, ALL volunteers who drive youth, even occasionally, fall under letter b.

Visit the PA State Police Website for detailed information and links to the online clearances.

All those working with youth must also be training with the diocesan program, “Creating a Safe Environment“. This course is offered online; the login name is “online11”. The printable certificate must be kept in the individual’s school or parish file.

Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders of all levels must also be training using the diocesan policy and must also have the PA State Criminal History Record Check and the Child Abuse History Clearance forms on file with their pastor or Catholic school principal or administrator.

Scout Leader Information

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